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Goodcare GAS GUARD Capsules, 50 Capsules

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Category: Supplements

Brand: Good Care


Gas Guard's ayurvedic formulation stimulates digestion and enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes. It checks stagnation and decomposition of undigested particles in the stomach which cause abdominal pains, gas, and spasms. Turn to Gas Guard. And let your stomach keep pace with your lifestyle.


  • Shankh Bhasma
  • Sonth
  • Nausadar
  • Hing
  • Ajowan
  • Kalanamak
  • Chitrakmool
  • Yawakshar
  • Piplamool

How did the main ingredients work?

Sonth: This is a digestive, appetizer, and cures stomach disorders.

Ajowan: Used as a home remedy for indigestion. It is very effective on colic pains.

Hing: This is well known as an antidote for flatulence. Acts as a preventive to germs in the stomach.

Shankh Bhasma: Neutralises acid in the stomach.


Fast relief from

  1. Bloating after eating
  2. Gas Pain
  3. Pressure
  4. Belching

How to Use:

1 or 2 Caplets after meals or when required or as directed by the physician. Gas Guard acts fast to check the formation of gas in the stomach & intestines. It also enhances the digestive process. Leaving you free to enjoy food.

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