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Goodcare STRESS GUARD Massage Oil 100ml

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Category: Oil

Brand: Good Care


Stress Guard Massage oil is a unique combination of herbal oils like Safed Chandan oil, orange oil, lavender oil, and sweet basil oil, specially selected to rejuvenate and refresh your body. The sweet aroma and the ingredients work together to fight stress and fatigue of the body as well as the mind.


Tulsi (Basil) OilIt is very effective in stress and headache. Gives relief from the burning sensation. It also has antibacterial properties.

Narangi (Orange) OilStimulates circulation and the immune system. Also acts as an astringent, disinfectant, and freshener.

Dharu (Lavender) OilSoothes migraine, headache, emotional stress, sores, and tense muscles.

Safed Chandan OilIt is aromatic, Regular application has a refreshing effect that heals tiny infected spots. Moisturizes the skin.


  1. Refreshes Mind
  2. Rejuvenates Body
  3. Relieves Stress
  4. Detoxifies Body
  5. Effectiveness in combating muscular spasm, swollen joints, and arthritic pain

How to Use:

Apply the oil gently by rubbing it slowly on the stress-prone region like the neck, shoulder, back, feet, and scalp. Let your body absorb the soothing combination for 15 minutes.

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