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Aryanveda Tanend Face Wash 60ml, De-Tan Removal Face Wash & Cleanser (pack of 2)

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Hot Throbbing summer doubles up your skin worries, especially skin darkening issues dampens your spirits and you are forced to stay in. Don't be. Go out with confidence and let everyone see the glow of your skin with aryanveda tanend face wash. Synergized with refreshing herbal ingredients and the natural goodness of activated charcoal, it not only improves skin tone but also fills the skin with the confidence of freshness. Its refreshing formula cleanses the skin improves elasticity by sustaining moisture balance, essential for summers. It gently treats the photo-aged skin and works as an excellent antioxidant agent. Presences of charcoal cleanse the skin and wipes of toxins from the skin. Bet! your skin will speak volumes of its health while exuding a natural glow you always craved for.

Benefits of De-Tan Face Wash:

Enriched with niacinamide and activated charcoal. Niacinamide acts as a co-enzyme precursor. Improves barrier function and skin elasticity. Increases intracellular lipid synthesis. Improves the appearance of photo-aged facial skin. The presence of activated charcoal creates a super porous surface, increasing its ability to absorb matter and toxins. Regulates the production of melanin in melanosomes.

How to Use:

Take the required amount of Tanend face wash on your fingertips. Apply it gently on your face & massage in a circular motion till lather is formed. Rinse with water and pat your skin dry. Use two to three times a day to look your face young and fresh.


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